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Zox Training System is a brain management technology that is designed to develop mental photography (photographic memory), speed reading, increased long term memory, and mental endurance.

The system also teaches how to apply these new skills to improve other areas of your life such as stress reduction, creative problem solving, subconscious programming (for things like weight loss, smoking, etc..), and increased self esteem.

Some of the benefits of super learning and increased brain power provided by Zox include:

ZOX, in cooperation with Educom Incorporated, has gained permission to reproduce key parts of the trainings created by Richard Welch, the "Father of Mental Photography" and that is the basis for the program.

Overall, the daily use of the program should allow users to permanently gain memory, mental clarity, enhanced decision making powers.

Evaluation & Customer Feedback

Overall Verdict:

The Zox Training system works as intended, especially for users who use it consistently.

4/5 - Very Good

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Does Zox Training System really work?

The users that we were able to locate were generally happy with the Zox course. The consensus was that the best results were seen when they were consistent with performing the exercises daily as described in the program.

Most people liked the combination of text, audio, and the occasional video that is provided. Although the content is a bit dry at times, it is always well organized and easy to understand.

Users initially felt daunted by the price, however they noted that the material is not available anywhere else and once they started to see results they felt the price was worth it.

Independent Customer Feedback

"At the end of the course, I felt like a changed person."
Portion of actual user review by C. Kit

"I am amazed at the amount of information I can assimilate just by looking at it for some time.  Not only has my stress level improved, but my organizational skills as well as my average reading speed have improved drastically."
Portion of actual user review by Jason K.

"My photographic memory, which I did not know that I had, has developed amazingly."
Portion of actual user review by Sarah B.

Zox Training System Summary

Pros Cons
  • Targets many areas of brain development: memory, reading, focus, and comprehension.
  • Developed by PhD in brain research
  • Teaches how to actually apply the concepts into all areas of life
  • Somewhat expensive, although there is a lot of content and bonuses.
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Product Details

Website: www.zoxpro.com
Author Info: The Zox Training system was organized my Shannon Panzo, based on material by The “Father of Mental Photography / Subliminal Photography” Richard L. Welch PhD.
Product Specifications:
  1. Module 1 - Introduction & Einstein's Distraction Index
    • Introduction of ZOX Training components and benefits.
    • Learn 100% concentration with Albert Einstein’s Distraction Index
  2. Module 2 - Eye Chart Drill (Awareness & Perception)
    • Increase Awareness & Perception,
    • Increase Peripheral Vision
    • Increase Intuition
    • Enhancement of Visualization and other Natural Abilities
  3. Module 3 - Relaxation & Programming (Manifesting)
    • Self-Programming your Subconscious for Manifesting Change and providing what you want and need
    • Stress Reduction
    • Time Management
    • Attract Relationships
    • Succeed Goals
    • Heighten Performance
    • Affect Positive Health
    • Implementation of the Universal Law of Attraction
  4. Module 4 - Mental Photography (Thesaurus/Dictionary)
    • Mental Photography of your Thesaurus or Dictionary to assimilate information >25,000 words per minute.
    • Photographic Memory Recall & Targeting Exercises.
  5. Module 5 - Mental Photography (General Method)
    • Mental Photography using other books at >25,000 words per minute
  6. Module 6 - Mental Photography & Subliminal Advertising
    • Relationship between your ability to Mentally Photograph, and Subliminal Advertising.
  7. Module 7 - Mental Photography Triggering Methods
    • Several techniques to trigger Mentally Photographed Information, from the Subconscious Mind to the Conscious Mind.
  8. Module 8 - Wrap-up & Review
    • Consolidation of daily use
    • The Schedule for the ZOX Training techniques
    • How to get more information
  • Relaxation and Mind Programming Mastery audio program
  • The Brain Accelerator - "Little known Secrets to Mastering Your Mind" ebook
  • Law Of Attraction - "Let your thoughts determine your destiny" ebook


The refund rate currently stands at 4.3%.

Return Policy: 8 Week risk free guarantee.
  1. What is Mental Photography? - Everyone was born with this ability switched on. You used it for the first 5 years of your life. you were trained out of using it when you learned to read. Zox teaches you how to gain access to it and use it.

  2. Why don't I use it now? - Reading is taught in opposition to Mental Photography. When you were taught to read, the ability was switched off. Reading does not work for everyone because it is NOT a natural ability. Mental Photography IS natural.

  3. Can I learn Mental Photography, again? Yes! It is a natural ability you were born with. You never lose it. Zox has been teaching Mental Photography since 1975, when Richard Welch first found it. The system has been updated constantly over the last 30 years.

  4. Will I have to give up "reading"? - No. Mental Photography enhances the experience of reading. The average reading speed is 250 words per minute (wpm). Mental Photography begins at 25,000 wpm. Proficient Mental Photographers show up to 600,000 words per minute with 90% recall (just turning pages). You can go even faster by computer. The impact of Mental Photography is 100 times reading something. It will definitely enhance your experience of reading after you Mentally Photograph the book. You have barely scratched the surface of what your brain is capable of doing.

  5. How does Mental Photography exercises the brain?
    • Elevated Whole Brain Activity
    • Strengthens neural pathways
    • Hemispheric Balancing
    • Heightened communication between the conscious and the subconscious
    • Grow more memory
    • Quicker and clearer thinking

  6. Since I have been relying on reading from age 5, will this get in the way of my Mental Photographing abilities? - No. Zox explains this during The Brain Management Seminar, which fully explores Mental Photography, its' endless uses, attributes, and benefits. You will experience these things during the training and see results. You will know all you need to know about Mental Photography and how to use it with confidence.

  7. Why is it necessary for me to learn more than only the Mental Photography? - Many years of research and testing has shown what works best. (Research shows that within 60 days of learning "speed reading", over 90% revert back to reading (even though speed reading is statistically better) because there has been no support provided or basis for the readers' beliefs to change to accommodate the new way.)

  8. What makes ZOX Training different from every other "Positive Motivation Technique"?

    Zox promotes independent thinking, self-motivation, and anti-guruism.

    You are empowered to make changes. Customers range in age from 7 years to over 90, and everyone is treated as an adult. Along with that, everyone is bestowed the adult responsibility to be in charge of themselves and what is in their best interest. Don't worry - everyone has problems. We don't need to know what your problems are. You will be given the ability to deal with those problems, yourself! Zox can help you to help yourself by turning over these proven life-enhancing techniques to you -- for you to be in control of your life, like never before.
Other: Note: This is a downloadable program and is delivered digitally.
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