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The Awakening Course is an audio and video program by Dr. Joe Vitale designed to aid you not only in attracting the life of your dreams, but also in moving beyond the Law of Attraction towards awakening to the highest level of personal transformation possible.

In the Awakening Course, Joe Vitale takes you on a journey through the four stages of awakening. He instructs on the pitfalls and practices of each stage, and finally into the final state - Awakening.

Completing The Awakening Course promises to:

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Overall Verdict:

Joe Vitale combines several of his programs into one for a low price. Good if you are new or already a Vitale fan.

4/5 - Very Good

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Does The Awakening Course really work?

Most people we were able to locate online were pleased with The Awakening Course. Several noted that the program contains material form several other of Joe's courses and is combined here. Although not completely absent, there is also considerably less selling and pitching of other products compared to some of his other releases.

Independent Customer Feedback

"The Awakening Course by Joe Vitale is great, it really combines a lot of his programs into one, including The Attractor Factor, The Missing Secret, Zero Limits, and a lot of new content also. I'd recommend it."
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"I like Joe a lot. His writing style is probably the most readable of all the current PD gurus. He's got a great story, and he's genuinely likable."
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The Awakening Course Summary

Pros Cons
  • A simple and concise program to empower you for change. Includes audio, video, and workbook.
  • Authored by Joe Vitale, who is a leader in personal development products.
  • Very little pitches for other products, compared to other Vitale products.
  • 8 week guarantee
  • Some people are turned off by Joe Vitale based on previous experiences.
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Product Details

Author Info: Dr. Joe Vitale is an inspirational speaker, author, and innovator in the area of human dynamics and personal transformation. He is a best selling author of several other books and has appeared in movies such as The Secret, The Opus, and The Compass.
Product Details:

CD1: Introduction

In the introductory session, Joe provides and overview of the Awakening Course. He takes you through his own personal story and discusses how your fears can be catalysts to finding your greatest success. He shares insights on The Law of Attraction, along with perspectives on money, role models, and the power of your unconscious mind. He ends the section with a new definition of what "marketing" is, and starts you on the journey to discover what your greatest fears, desires and ambitions are.

CD2: Victimhood

In this session Joe begins to take you through the Four Stages of Awakening. He opens the session informing you that many of the influences within your childhood actually program you to be under the thumb of someone else. This leads you into Stage #1: Victimhood. He then takes you through several exercises to assist you in detaching from your mind, and learning how you have been holding onto being a victim. He then takes you through additional process in which you learn to re-state complaints and negative attitudes into more positive beliefs and practices. He asserts that, once you awaken to the realization that you have been feeling like a victim, you can then free yourself from vicitmhood and align with Stage #2.

CD3: Empowerment

Empowerment is the next step in The Awakening processes, and is introduced in the session. Joe opens this session discussing the Law of Attraction and The Secret. He then speaks about how you can attract anything you want into you life by following a five step process. He takes you through each of the five steps and provides you with insights on how to apply them to clear anything that might get in your way. He ends this session discussing the power that gratitude will have in your life.

CD4: Surrender

In this session Joe introduces you to Surrender, Stage 3 of the Awakening Course. He opens this session with a description of the work of Dr. Hew Len and the four phases of his cleansing technique. By claiming complete responsibility for everything in your life, and cleaning all that you come in contact with, you are able to move past the empowerment stage to a place where you are consciously co-creating with the Divine.

CD5: Awakening

Awakening is introduced in the session. Joe opens the session emphasizing that you are not your body, thoughts, or feelings. You are simple experiencing them. He further explains that you are the witness and the Divine that has chosen to come to this world in human form. And form there, he prepares you for the Awakening stage.

Bonuses Included:

The Awakened Millionaire - An audio interview with Peter Wink.

The Awakened Relationship - An audio program about the keys to a long-lasting relationship.

DVD of an on stage seminar given by Joe Vitale.

Price: $67
Return Policy: 8 Weeks
Other: This is a digital download, and the content comes in mp3 and MS Doc format.
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