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Reality Creation Secrets is a collection of 37 essays which explore the Law of Attraction and teach how to apply its principals to achieve anything you want in life. It teaches how to develop an awareness of the level of consciousness required to create and direct your reality.

The chapters of the book are structured similar to the familiar three step Law of Attraction process you may already be familiar with:

In the beginning he covers how thoughts, intentions, and emotions are the source of everything that exists in the material world, as well as how to create proper requests to the universe.

Next, he discusses how our beliefs and doubts are responsible for the successes we experience (as well as how to overcome limiting beliefs).

Finally, he talks about how to relax and let go - and develop the faith necessary to let intentions manifest themselves in the perfect time.

The main benefits of studying this material are:

Evaluation & Customer Feedback

Overall Verdict:

Reality Creation Secrets delivers a lot of value for the price.

You will get a solid (and perhaps new) perspective on the Law of Attraction.

4/5 - Very Good

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Does Reality Creation Secrets really work?

The consensus is that Reality Creation Secrets is a good book for people who have already seen 'The Secret' and are somewhat familiar with its teachings. The book explores the Law of Attraction in much greater depth, and teaches how to actually change patterned ways of thinking to develop a consciousness in harmony with your desires.

At 82 pages, it sounds like a small book, however it bucks the convention of double spacing a huge font to make itself appear longer. In reality, the book is over 40,000 words.

One complaint we personally had was that the writing style is a little choppy, as Mr. Tan is from Singapore. It doesn't get in the way of conveying his points, however we felt it was worth noting.

Independent Customer Feedback

"No one had ever explained forgiveness to me like this. This time I got it."
Portion of actual user review H. Looft

"The content within the teaching Articles & e-Books I have not ever seen before. They contain so much truth. Truth so hard to find. I have spent a life time in a very spiritual type church, I was one time described as a pillar in the church and never have I heard such truth. "
Portion of actual user review by J. Townley

"Much of the ideas are from ancient teachings, but are brought up to date clearly. "
Portion of actual user review by L. Cooper

Reality Creation Secrets Summary

Pros Cons
  • The book is long and detailed (42,000 words) and covers many aspects of the Law of Attraction that others gloss over.
  • The book is free when you join the membership site for one month.
  • 8 week guarantee is plenty of time to decide if you got enough value.
  • Enoch Tan is not a native english speaker, and his writing is a little awkward sometimes.
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Product Details

Author Info: Reality Creation Secrets was written by Enoch Tan who describes his goals as: to help people achieve greater awareness in living and experiencing life, to evolve human consciousness to higher levels and to revolutionize the way we understand the mind and reality. He is a prolific author with over 200 articles published about self help and the Law of Attraction
Table of Contents:

Below are the titles of each chapter in Reality Creation Secrets:

1. Intent creates Coincidences to Fulfill itself
2. Law of Attraction - Having is about Being
3. Emotion is Energy for Manifesting Intention
4. Your Emotional State Affects Your Whole Reality
5. Higher Feelings Manifest your Desires More Freely
6. Positive and Negative Feelings are your Guidance
7. Present Reality is Manifestation of Past Thoughts
8. Outer World is Partial Reflection of Inner World
9. Vibrational Matching requires an Identity Shift
10. Will is Central Key to all Mental Phenomena
11. Awareness locks Reality and Emotion attracts It
12. Free your Conscious Mind for Subconscious to Work
13. Convince Conscious Mind for Subconscious to Work
14. Taking Action is Part of Manifestation Process
15. Inspired Action with Intent produces Results
16. Taking Positive Action towards your Desires
17. Being In Control of Your Reality At All Times
18. Gratitude attracts More of What you Desire
19. Intend and Act from a Place of Love and not Fear
20. Manifest Desires Freely by Having No Expectations
21. Being Conscious of Miracles Attracts more of Them
22. Doubt is Main Cause of Failure in Anything
23. Fluid Reality allows Change of Past and Future
24. Move into Alternate Reality by Shifting Timelines
25. Change the Past by Altering your Perception of it
26. Law of Probability and Manifestation Success
27. Conflicting Intentions Prevent Desire Manifesting
28. Law of Detachment - Flowing with God
29. Letting Go allows You to Flow in Abundance
30. Detachment allows your Desires to Come to You
31. Be Happy by Being Grateful for Whatever Comes
32. All Factors of Wealth and Reality Creation
33. Bonus Section about Success with Reality Creation!
34. Form Mental Pictures that Turn into Reality
35. Create Wealth in Sleep with Subconscious Mind
36. Develop Success Consciousness in All you Do
37. Have a Self Consciousness of Wealth and Abundance


The ebook is a free bonus when you join the $29.95 membership site.

By itself (without joining the membership site), the book costs $97

Return Policy: 8 Weeks
Other: This is a digital download and comes in PDF Format.
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