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Quantum Mind Power (The Morry Method) by Song Chengxaing and Morry Zelcovitch is a set of audio files that uses brain wave entrainment sounds to retrain the subconscious mind to empower you create wealth, health, and happiness.

"The Morry Method" system differs from the binaural beats you may already be familiar with and uses a proprietary methodology based on Isochronic and Monaural tones that is claimed to be much more effective and faster acting.

The system has wide ranging benefits that include:

Evaluation & Customer Feedback

Overall Verdict:

Quantum Mind Power does what it says it will do. Although it is a bit pricey, there is still good value delivered here with the standard package.

If you already like and have experienced success with binaural beats, you will find that Quantum Mind Power is a nice step up.

4/5 - Very Good

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Does Quantum Mind Power really work?

We listened to the Quantum Mind Power Neural Synergy recordings before bed nearly every night for 30 days. (Note, we already meditate fairly regularly, so your results my be slightly different.)

Some of the benefits we experienced were:

The main programs are available in two different stimulation patterns (monaural and isochronic), with 6 choices of "base" tone for each stimulation pattern. You can therefore choose the tones that are most attractive to you. We have found that the more you find the tones pleasing to the ear, the better the results you will receive.

A common feature of guided meditation tapes is that there are long “pauses” in the spoken word aspect of the recordings to allow you to reflect, imagine and internalize a new way of being and thinking. When this is combined with the brainwave entrainment aspect, and the “spoken word” resumes, a “startle effect” may occur (somewhat like someone talking in your ear suddenly when you are half asleep).

To counteract this, “anti-startle tones” are inserted just before each spoken word aspect resumes so that you are not surprised. (This is a low tone, sometimes called a “drone” that begins quietly and softly then ends at a similar volume level to that of the spoken word itself and it all happens in just a few seconds) We thought this was a unique and especially nice feature that we'd love to see more often.

A downside to the program is that it is more expensive than most other brainwave audio products. Also, the premium package which costs $50 more than the standard only gives 2 extra recordings, which we didn't feel were worth the extra cost. Overall however, we felt that the basic package delivered on what was promised and along with the bonuses provides enough value to justify the $147 price.

Other People's Experiences And Feedback

"I have used this product and it has done everything that it claimed it would."
Portion of actual user review on stevepavlina.com

This program is the first program that is really working for me and is very easy to use. I am very happy with the results and how at peace I feel. Thanks so much for a great product!!!
Ken Solomon

Quantum Mind Power Summary

Pros Cons
  • Uses isochronic and monaural tones which research has shown to be more effective than binaural beats.
  • Each type of tone includes six different pitches which gives lots of variety and value.
  • Additional gratitude and emotive hypnosis programs are included.
  • Subliminal Wealth and Prosperity Support bonuses.
  • 100% risk free guarantee. You can try out the system for up to 8 weeks, and return it if you're not happy.
  • The price of $147 for the standard package may be high for some people. Also, the premium package is $50 more but only adds two new programs. Consider Super Mind Evolution System as an alternative.
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Product Details

Website: www.quantum-mind-power.com
Author Info :

Song Chengxiang describes himself as "A normal guy seeking for the truth, and wanting to help others find their truth." He is also the author of several other online ebook products such as "Rapid Manifestation" and "The Lost secrets of Manifestation".

Morry Zelcovitch is an brainwave entrainment engineer and co-creater of Quantum Mind Power.

What You Get :

Main Programs Of Quantum Mind Power (TMM) System (Included with basic package):

  1. Neural Synergy - "Neural Synergy" is available in two different stimulation patterns (monaural and isochronic), with 6 choices of "base" tone for each stimulation pattern. This recording is specifically designed to help to re-organize the brain to a higher level; allowing it to process more complicated stimuli easier than before.
  2. Eden Energy Wave Dynamics - This recording is designed to help with the inevitable loss of "action" that tends to follow any self help/improvement type of program. It is specifically designed to pump up your energy levels, while at the same time quiet the "voices" that tend to make us stagnate and stop moving forward by making us think too much, or cause us fear. It also is available in two different stimulation patterns (monaural and isochronic).
  3. Whole Brain Gratitude Meditation - This recording is designed as a gratitude building meditation. Gratitude is considered to be the key to unlocking the ability of people to be happy and content and this recording is designed to help you with direction and intent and indeed to help you to change your current view of the world and reality as well.
  4. Emotive Brain Wave Hypnosis - This recording is designed to help guide you to balance your emotions and experience happiness. This hypnosis allows you to tap into the deep wiring of your subconscious mind, to help you deal with the matters that are most affecting your life right now. The hypnosis will help you "rewire" some of your old thinking patterns that aren't serving you well.

Additional Programs (Included with premium package)

  1. Good Night, Sleep Well - This recording is designed to help bring on sleep by quieting the mental "noise" that can adversely affect your quality of sleep. Think calming thoughts, or nothing, while you drift off listening to these specially designed tones that lead you gently into a healthful and restful sleep state.
  2. Schumann Resonance Meditation - 7.83hz. is the Schumann Resonance, or the frequency that electro-magnetic waves travel through the earth's ionosphere. Its’ been given credit for stimulating the release of growth and sex hormones.


Quantum Mind Power comes with a couple of bonus when you buy either the basic of premium packages:

Put to a soundtrack of rain and other subtle nature sounds, these recordings will help to act as a guide for your brainwave entrainment training and can be played in the background every day when cleaning, cooking, working at the office, even while your watching TV.

  1. Subliminal Wealth and Prosperity Support #1 - This recording addresses two major issues that frequently hinder the acquisition of wealth; subconscious negative associations with those who are rich and a general lack of understanding about how to accumulate wealth.

    The other major focus of this recording is to implant in your subconscious the desire to seek out and capitalize on daily opportunities that are always there (you just can’t see them yet) to improve your “state of wealth.”
  2. Subliminal Health Support #2 - Enhances how you use your mind to positively affect your health. Use this recording to help direct your mind to be your best friend in attaining perfect health.



$147 (Basic Package)

$197 (Premium Package)

Return Policy: You can try the recordings for up to 8 weeks and get a refund if you are not satisfied.
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